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A Baggage Fees For Traveling To/From USA

Listed below are some of the complimentary benefits and additional charges that airlines have been applying to flights. This information guide is to help you stay informed about your flight and what charges there may or may not be. Changes to policies are occurring more frequently, be sure to check this page and the airline you will be flying with so that you are up-to-date with the latest information. Please note charges may vary depending on the conversion of funds.

Carrier Checked
1st bag
2nd bag
seat selection
Air Canada Logo
Within Canada:
No fee
To/From USA:




- Beverage/Snack C$2-C$6
- Oversize/Overweight bag C$75-C$100
- Travel w/ pet C$105-C$270
- Unaccompanied minor C$100
Air Transat Logo
No fee No fee C$15-C$20 - Beverage/Snack C$2-C$6
- Oversize/Overweight bag C$20 per kilogram
- Travel w/ pet C$100-C$250
- Unaccompanied minor Free
Air Alaska Logo
US$20 US$20 No fee - Beverage/Snack US$5
- Oversize/Overweight bag US$50-US$75
- Travel w/ pet US$100
- Unaccompanied minor US$75
American Airlines Logo
US$25 US$35 No fee - Beverage/Snack US$3-US$6
- Oversize/Overweight bag US$50-US$150
- Travel w/ pet US$100-US$150
- Unaccompanied minor US$100
Delta Airlines Logo
US$25 US$35 US$5-US$25 - Beverage/Snack US$3-US$8
- Oversize/Overweight bag US$90-US$175
- Travel w/ pet US$150
- Unaccompanied minor US$100
Porter Logo
No fee No fee No fee - Oversize/Overweight bag C$5 per kilogram
Sunwing Logo
No fee No fee C$15-C$40 - Beverage/Snack US$1-US$5
- Oversize/Overweight bag C$10 per kilogram
- Unaccompanied minor C$50
United Logo
US$25 US$35 US$14-US$109 - Beverage/Snack US$3-US$9
- Oversize/Overweight bag US$125-US$175
- Travel w/ pet US$175
- Unaccompanied minor US$99-US$150
US Airways Logo
US$25 US$35 US$5-US$30 - Beverage/Snack US$2-US$7
- Oversize/Overweight bag US$100-US$200
- Travel w/ pet US$100
- Unaccompanied minor US$100
WestJet Logo
Within Canada:
No fee

To/From USA:
No fee




- Maximum weight per bag is 23kg (50lb)
- Oversize/Overweight bag C$40-C$75
- Travel w/ pet C$50

Note: Fees are per flight unless noted.
Note: Any fees are determined by the airline you check in with. These fees listed here are for information purpose only. For the latest changes, please review them with the airline that you will be traveling with. Fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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