Aug 20, 2012

Top 5 Reasons to Travel Solo: Mingle in the Tropics

Are you single and looking to have the singles vacation of a lifetime? Do you want to meet other singles and possibly form a love connection? If you want to travel to the sunny tropics and explore all that beautiful and exotic Mexico and the glorious Caribbean have to offer, get ready for adventure! If you want to do a solo vacation and mingle with other singles along the way, then pack your bags!

Meet other singles, experience the culture and possibly make a love connection at all-inclusive resorts and major single-oriented hotel chains. Or you may just want to travel on your own and enjoy some self-reflection and inner discovery time. Whatever the case, traveling on your own has numerous benefits. If you are in need of a reason to travel solo then check out these top 5 reasons to travel on your own.

Top 5 reasons why solo travel and booking single-friendly hotels in the tropics is beneficial:

#1: You get to set your itinerary, book the hotels you prefer and plan dining and attraction excursions the way you want to experience them. You are the master and are completely in control of your own travels.

#2: Money is your issue and yours only. You don't have to worry about someone watching over your shoulder, telling you what to buy and what not to buy or how those Bahamian souvenir dolls are a silly purchase. You decide what you want to take home with you this time around and there is no one to stop you!

#3: The best thing about traveling solo is that you will meet loads of new friends. Couples traveling together 'can' make friends, but usually couples meet and stick with other couples. It is just the way it goes. Imagine the amount of new friends and possible new love interests you might meet when traveling on your own. Guess what? You can choose who you want to hang around with as well, as you won't be forced into social moments by your significant other.

#4: You can be utterly spontaneous. With no one to answer to and no set plans, you can decide when, what, how, where and with whom you want to travel with. You can select one tour, then decline for a better option. You are not tied down by guilt or another person's travel desires.

#5: Think about all the stories you will have to tell friends and family at home! The greatest benefit about traveling solo is that you will be able to embellish any story you want and there will be no one to state the facts or prove you wrong. Feel free to embellish galore about that cliff diving experience or about the shark fin soup you tasted.

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