Aug 27, 2012

This Just In: G Adventures Upgrades their Galapagos Fleet for 2013

Excellent news for G Adventures (The Great Adventure People) and their newest upgrade for 2013! G Adventures has acquired three more vessels known as the San Jose G5, Daphne G3 and the Queen of Galapagos G8. G Adventures has already established plans to further increase the number of their vessels over the following months and as the company continues to develop their influence and presence within the Archipelago.

Vice President of Innovation at G Adventures, Jeff Russill, states that the recent upgrades have been made to provide an improved customer experience and to 'future-proof' the fleet ahead of new regulations and future customer demand.

Russill states, “Our new vessels have larger and more comfortable public spaces and will focus heavily on the customer experience, offering the best wildlife viewing and onboard service. Leading with service is one of our core values and these upgrades mean we can deliver on that promise and keep prices affordable.”

“Additionally there have been, and will continue to be, changes made to Galapagos regulations, so we’re also ensuring the future viability of our fleet,” says Russill.

Innovation Manager, Richard Heller also states that the new launch of yachts that were added throughout the last 6 months were acquired because of the demands of their consumers. Operations will be at full functional level as of January 2013 and G Adventures will continue to grow as a leading supplier of adventure travel and small group travel and tours.

The adventure travel group will continue to sail their Javier G4 and by 2013, G Adventures will have four vessels in total.

The new vessel known as the G3 is a standard yacht. It is designed to offer guests a higher level of comfort than the previous vessel that has now been sold. The fleet as a whole will maintain full operation as a high quality service until the end of 2012 and until the G5, G3 and G8 are added.

Every one of the acquired vessels and the ones already within the fleet cater to a unique market. The G8 vessel offers adventure travelers the opportunity to indulge in a luxury sail, while the G5 is designed more for comfort and the G3 is for travelers that are on more of a travel budget. G Adventures has a goal of increasing interest in Galapagos travel, as well as offering desired cruises to passenger clientele that seek unique travel opportunities.

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Last modified on : Jun 13, 2013
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