Aug 30, 2012

3 Reasons How Group Travel Can Create Community and Save You Money

Seeking to book a great escape with your friends? Do you want to book a trip that can allow you to bond with your best buddies or celebrate a major life event such as a blissful anniversary in Los Cabos, Mexico or a much-desired divorce in Las Vegas?

Let's face it. Financial times and our current economy is not improving at the pace we would like. Group travel is becoming increasingly popular these days because of the ultimate savings, discounts and phenomenal promotions that keep popping up.

There is an array of reasons why group travel is a smarter option when booking a vacation escape, not only to create community but it also fulfills our social, health and exploration needs and presents major discounts and savings. is here to narrow it down to three main reasons why group travel might be the smartest and most beneficial option for you this year.

#1: It is a known and proven fact that traveling as a group can save you money. If you are going to seek out a fun-filled trip in the sun this year, why not book as a group and save, save, save! Groups save their hard earned cash on hotels, meals, tours and more when traveling as a team.

Numerous hotels, tour companies and restaurants want to encourage groups to visit their establishment and they do a great deal of promoting to do so. Traveling groups save much more money on hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants, venue establishments and tours than solo travelers When booking your next adventure abroad, take advantage of ultimate savings and book as a group.

Need more convincing? There are loads of promotional options for group travel, such as tax busting group escapes, group travel anniversary deals, free passenger options after a group limit is exceeded, corporate event deals, wedding group discounts and more. Save big on a 10 person group promotion or traveling parties of up to 300 guests with and enjoy stress-free time away from home with your loved ones!

#2: A sense of community can be felt when escaping as a group. People not only have the need to be social with others from  their local community and across the globe, they also want to learn from each other. Imagine all of the new traditions and cultural experiences you will discover when visiting colourful sunny Mexico, the tropical Caribbean Islands, exotic South America and other countries throughout. You will have the option to 'connect' with others from all walks of life and we don't mean just by adding new friends to FaceBook.

#3: Health and Safety

When referring to health, we mean that group travel can provide travellers with improved physical, mental health, as well as spiritual enlightenment. Group travel can fill that void of loneliness that can sometimes be felt during tough times in our lives. Why sulk at home in a dark depression when you can live, laugh and explore an exotic country as a group?

Group travel can improve mental health as it can uplift your mood, create a sense of self-empowerment and self-esteem, as well as offer you new opportunities to connect with new and exciting friends and possibly a new love.  Also, never forget, that there is 'safety in numbers' and when you are traveling abroad, it is much-advised to travel in groups. People who travel solo are more at risk for exposure to local thieves and crimes. Stay as a group and stay safe.

Ready for new group travel memories? Seeking to get away with your friends, colleagues or sports team? Book your 40th anniversary group vacation, fly your 11th passenger free or charter a plane for a corporate event! Create memories of a lifetime and book your group travel to the sun by speaking to a member of our travel team at 1-888-685-6888 or book online at 


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Last modified on : Aug 30, 2012
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