Sep 4, 2012

Seeking a Budget-Friendly Honeymoon? Top 10 Tips on How to Save When Booking a Honeymoon

A honeymoon is an unforgettable vacation experience where you as newlyweds get to celebrate your new union together. Why not make it a tropical experience? What's that you say? You don't have enough money to book a honeymoon abroad? Let help turn your dream into reality and check out these top 10 tips on how to save when booking a honeymoon in the sun.

If you are thinking of planning a honeymoon escape this year or next, save your hard earned cash and get more bang for your honeymoon buck! If you truly want to save while you are honeymooning in the tropical Caribbean, Mexico or somewhere else exotic, you should check out these top money saving tips for a discount dream vacation.

#1: Work with one travel company and agent. Once you have shopped around the web, find a reliable travel retailer and stick with them.  A dedicated travel agent and agency can be a massive blessing in disguise when it comes to booking a stress-free honeymoon vacation.  Imagine allowing someone else take care of all the grunt work of finding the most suitable destination location for you to celebrate your love. The more help you have when organizing your honeymoon, the more you will save money on possible bad travel investments.

#2: Start by setting your goals for your honeymoon. Do you want to go zip lining with your new bride? Cliff diving with your new hubby? Or do you want to utterly relax and unwind on silky white beaches or at a spa-pampering resort? The more you know about what you want to do on your honeymoon, the more you will save yourself from spending too much money on tours, hotels, activities and amenities. Make a list of your honeymoon needs.

#3: Decide if you want to use a travel registry for your wedding. Many travel agencies will provide you with the option of using a honeymoon travel registry for your wedding which allows your wedding guests to sponsor your honeymoon by donating to it and any tours and activities during the entire trip. This could save you tons of money on your honeymoon expenses.

#4: Book in the off-season. Now that you have a dedicated travel agent on your side, ask them about locations and honeymoon destinations that would be suitable during the low season. Many Caribbean and Mexican destinations have great weather year-round. Also, wouldn't you want to avoid the tourist crowds when you are wading in the turquoise-blue waters with your love and enjoying intimate moments?

#5: Stay on your side of the coast. Newlyweds will save 'mucho dinero' (translation: a lot of money in Spanish) if they book a honeymoon destination that is on the same coast as the place where they live. For example, people who live in New York and Toronto usually choose to honeymoon in the Caribbean, while people living in Vancouver, BC and Los Angeles may opt for flights and packages in Mexico.

#6: Book in advance. If you are planning to go on your honeymoon in December, book 6 months to a year in advance! You can save a big chunk of change by booking your travels earlier and before prices start to shoot up because of travel demand.

#7:  Frequent Flier Miles, Air Miles and miles galore. Save big and use up all of your miles and points you have acquired from various sources, credit cards and banking institutions. There is no time like a honeymoon to save money for the future!

#8:  Choose less popular locations for your honeymoon instead of choosing major tourist destinations that are jam-packed with people year-round. (i.e. Cancun)  Try out other popular, yet not as crowded destinations such as Riviera Nayarit, Manzanillo, Mexico, Cayo Coco, Cuba or Whitehouse, Jamaica. These destinations will most-likely be offering discount rates, promotions and package deals more so than tourist-crowded hot spots.

#9: Choose an all-inclusive. When booking your honeymoon, definitely choose an all-inclusive hotel and resort. Not only do these packages save you the daunting hassle of paying bill after bill when dining, they are also offered at discounted rates during low season. Take advantage and book an all-inclusive for your honeymoon o' love!

#10: Finally, when you arrive at your chosen honeymoon hotel and resort destination, make sure it is known that you are on your honeymoon. Some hotels may upgrade your room, offer you discounts on tours or activities and you may be even treated to other sources of fun in the sun! Make sure your hotel staff know you are newlyweds celebrating your romantic love. It can't hurt to brag a little!

Ready to book a beautiful budget honeymoon in the Caribbean or Mexico? has loads of deals and 'luxury included all-inclusive packages' for you to take advantage of. Create memories of a lifetime and book your honeymoon in the sun by speaking to a member of our travel team at 1-888-685-6888 or book online at 


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