Nov 23, 2012

Useful Tips When Packing

When traveling, the thought of getting everything you need into a small space can be daunting. It’s easy to pack bulky items without making full use of suitcase space and once you arrive at your destination, the contents of your suitcase can become a wrinkled, tangled mess. These tips will make packing a breeze and ensure you get your trip started in the best way possible!

Contact Lens Case

Small items such as rings and pills can be stored in a contact lens case. This will protect items and prevent them from getting bent, crushed or broken – and makes them easier to find!

Drinking Straws

Fed up of necklaces and earphones become a tangled mess? Simply thread the chains or wires through a drinking straw then store them in a Ziploc or toiletry bag. This will save you precious vacation time rather than spending it holed up in your hotel room unraveling wires and chains!

 Roll, Roll, Roll!


Roll everything from jeans, cardigans, underwear, dresses, shorts and t-shirts. Rolling is a fantastic space saver technique and makes more room for shopping and gifts. It also keeps your clothes looking neat and wrinkle-free!

 Small Bottles


Rather than packing big, bulky bottles, use small labelled bottles for shampoos, shower gels, conditioners and lotions. If you are planning to carry these in your carry-on luggage, ensure that they are kept in clear bottles as this also makes it easier for security purposes.

 Dryer Sheets


Placing a dryer sheet in your suitcase will keep the contents of your luggage smelling fresh and clean. They can also be used inside shoes to avoid any bad odours.

 Ziploc Bags


These are useful for holding smaller items and are perfect for keeping travel documents together such as passports and travel itineraries.  It also keeps them clean!

Soap Case 

Haven’t purchased a case for your camera? No problem! A hard plastic soap case can hold a small digital camera perfectly and protect it from any scratches when traveling.

Glasses Case


If you have a spare glasses case lying around, you can make use of this to hold any nail files, clippers, small scissors and any other bits and pieces you need while on the go.


The holes in buttons provide the perfect solution for storing small earrings and make it easier to find when unpacking.

Shower Caps


Hotel shower caps can be really useful to store shoes. This stops dirty soles rubbing off on all of your clothes.

Binder Clip


Protect your razor blades by using a binder clip. Simply clip onto the razor head and voila!  You’ve got yourself a useful protector which will prevent the blades from rubbing on any items.

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