Dec 27, 2012

Voluntourism Travel

Voluntourism is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular amongst travelers. For those wanting to make a difference and want a culturally rich experience at the same time – this is the perfect opportunity! Voluntourism is vast in developing countries where volunteers take the time to help a particular cause or lend a helping hand with particular charities. It is usually up to the volunteer to pay for their own travel and living expenses although some organizations help with finding particular placements and arranging food and accommodation for a fee.

Voluntourism is particularly excellent as it gives travelers the opportunity to really engage with locals and become culturally involved rather than just scratch the surface and see a few sites hounded by tourists. When carried out efficiently, it really gives the traveler the unique chance to improve the social and physical environment around the developing world and in the long run, encourage better understanding of the world and varying cultures.

You may be asking yourself what are the real benefits of volunteering whilst traveling? Well, simply put – everything! Simple tasks such as taking a taxi ride, negotiating for groceries and dealing with cultural practices and other languages are all part of the experience. With so much to learn, by volunteering during your travels you will pick up new skills and open yourself up to new experiences and adventures. It is also a great addition to your resume as employers are always on the lookout for a person who can handle different kinds of situations and traveling is a life lesson and teaches you in a way that nothing else can.

So what kind of opportunities are available to you? Plenty! Whether you have a passion for human rights, the environment, wildlife, women’s rights or children, you can pretty much volunteer in any field of interest to you! You may find yourself volunteering in an orphanage in Guatemala, bringing up lion cubs in South Africa or empowering women in India – the choice is yours!

G Adventures now offers a great option for ‘Volunteer Tours’ combining a great cultural experience whilst helping to make a difference. There is plenty to choose from – coming face to face with giant pandas in China and working at a rural organic farm, volunteering at a school in Thailand and trekking through hillside villages, assisting in community projects in South Africa and taking an overland safari and even volunteering in the Amazon and exploring the rainforest!  All tours are group based and feature knowledgeable guides so you get the most out of your experience.

Ready to book a G Adventures Volunteer Tour? Speak to one of our travel specialists and call us on 1-888-685-6888 for more information

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