Jan 10, 2013

Best Street Foods from Around the World

When on your travels, it can be a daunting task just deciding what and where to eat. Some of the best food can actually be found served by street vendors and it won’t cost you much either! Below is a top 10 list of street foods from around the world – try not to drool!

1. Roti Canai – Malaysia

Similar to South Indian paratha bread, Roti Canai is deliciously soft and flaky. A ball of dough is rolled out until thin and cooked until golden and crispy. It is traditionally served with ‘dal’ – a wonderful lentil curry that makes for perfect dipping!

2. Mexico – Gordita

A trip to Mexico is not complete without sampling a mouth-watering Gordita! A Masa (maize flour dough) is cooked until it puffs, then split and packed with appetizing fillings such as various choices of meats, chorizo or cheese and chillies. It’s then finished off with a sprinkling of lettuce, onion and spicy hot sauce.

3. Italy – Gelato

When thinking of Italian foods, pizza and pasta may come to mind. However, gelato has become an integral part of Italy’s street food culture. Made with milk, sugar and various flavourings – gelato is incredibly addictive and deliciously sweet and refreshing. Gelato flavours can range from tangy orange to creamy Nutella and rich caramel just to name a few!

4. Canada – Poutine

A treat that’s closer to home – poutine! Thick fries, fresh cheese curds and hot gravy makes up this delicious mess. While originating in Quebec, poutine has become popular all over Canada where a huge variety of toppings can be found. The classic version can be found almost anywhere – so let your poutine sit for a moment and allow the hot gravy to melt the cheese – bon appetit!

5. Thailand – Pad Thai

Vendors selling Pad Thai can be found everywhere in Thailand. For the equivalent of a dollar, you can get some of the best Pad Thai you will ever taste. Delicious noodles are fried with vegetables and served with a slightly spiced peanut sauce and then topped with your choice of toppings such as peanuts, chillies and lime. A huge hit with travelers and easy on the budget – a winning situation all around!

6. France – Crepes

This tempting treat is especially popular in the French capital of Paris where crepe stands can be found almost anywhere throughout the streets. Fillings can range from savoury to sweet and fillings often include a combination of ham, cheese and eggs. Sweet options include a slather of Nutella, jam or sugar. A scrumptious option for a quick snack on the go!

7. Portugal - Pastel De Nata

A light, flaky pastry shell filled with sweet and creamy custard is what makes up the Pastel de Nata – a Portuguese egg tart pastry. Occasionally topped with cinnamon, the crunchy pastry and creamy custard in your mouth is enough to make you go back for seconds and thirds!

8. India – Chaat

The chaat is extremely common and a street food favourite in India. Spiced Indian crackers are usually layered with a mouth-watering mix of potatoes, chutneys and yogurt, sprinkled with cilantro, onions and green chillies. Choose from a selection of sweet, hot or sour chutneys and you have yourself a perfectly delicious snack at any time of day or night!

9. Hungary - Chimney Cake

Half the fun of this unique treat is in its shape! Dough is wrapped around a wooden spindle and covered with butter and sugar and cooked until golden. The result is a delicious spiral shaped treat which is usually topped with cinnamon, sugar, walnuts, pecans or poppy seeds.

10. Egypt – Kushari

A national Egyptian comfort food, Kushari is a mix of vermicelli noodles, rice, chickpeas and lentils. What really makes the dish is the sauce – a rich tomato sauce with garlic topped with a caramelized onions, garlic or chili. Especially popular in Cairo, many restaurants along with street vendors have made it their specialty.


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