Jan 25, 2013

Perfect Travel Gifts

Got a jet-setter in the family and stuck for ideas? Or are you simply a traveler yourself? Either way, these gifts are sure to be useful/entertaining while traveling around the globe!

Scratch World Map Poster

A perfect gift for any traveler! Simply scratch away the countries you have been to and boast about the destinations you have visited around the world on this colourful world map.

Digital Luggage Scale

Spending hours stuffing everything into a suitcase and paying for overweight baggage does not need to be a problem anymore! A digital luggage scale is small and compact which means it can be packed into your suitcase and can be used to check you are still within your limit when you return. Make excessive baggage fees a thing of the past!

Trunki Suitcase

Traveling with children? The Trunki is a great solution for families and kids alike. The simple ‘ride-on’ and ‘pull-along’ feature makes it easy for children to ride alongside their family or be pulled along by their parents. A great solution to travel tantrums!

Passport Pouch

Keep your passport clean and stowed away neatly in a passport pouch. Compartments will also ensure your important travel documents are protected and kept in one place.

Travel Straighteners

Mini flat irons are a great tool for those looking to travel with ease but want great hair styling features on the go! Forget heavy and bulky flat irons and stick to mini travel friendly ones for fabulous hair!


Make carrying heavy books around a thing of the past. Whilst relaxing on the beach or by the pool, take as many books as you like all with the convenience of a Kindle. The new Kindle can carry up to 3,500 books so you will have plenty of choice – all in a slim tablet you can carry around everywhere!

Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are perfect companions for long-haul flights. Long gone are the days of waking up with a sore neck – the neck support feature will ensure travelers get a comfortable sleep when flying.

Book – 747 Things To Do On a Plane

What is there to do on a plane besides eat, read, listen to music or watch a movie? Apparently there are 747 things to do! This entertaining guide contains plenty of options on what to do and keep you busy during the flight.

Sprout Watch

Sprout watches are made from recycled materials and are a great gift idea for travelers who want to be both eco-friendly and fashionable. The watches are made from materials such as bamboo and cork and offer various styles such as all-around classic, adventure seeker and beach/pool side.

Travel Speakers

For travelers who do not want to pack a heavy or extensive sound system, travel speakers are the perfect option. Many come equipped with USB cables and can easily be connected to laptops, iPhone’s and iPod’s making them the perfect solution for listening to your tunes on the go!


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