Feb 5, 2013

The Travel Effect

An interesting study currently being conducted in the US, known as the ‘Travel Effect’ is a combination of ground-breaking research projects and studies that illustrate the benefits travel has on people’s everyday lives, careers and communities. Research currently underway explores how travel affects relationships and its ability to create long-lasting memories for both adults and children.

In general, the study concludes there are benefits to be had for the community, health and economy simply by traveling. In the field of Learning and Education, travel is said to make students learn more, and according to research, they are almost twice as likely to complete a college degree and earn a higher income in comparison to peers who had not traveled.

The majority of us will feel relaxed and content after a vacation and studies have found travel not only reduces stress but also has the power to improve our ability to handle stress later, especially in the office where employees who travel are said to feel less exhausted than their peers. We are also said to be much happier after a vacation and this can have a significant impact on our health just by providing us with much needed time away from everyday responsibilities and gives us time to relax.

A recent study which took place on relationships included a survey of over 2000 adults. It was found that three out of four stated a romantic getaway could make or break a relationship and relationships can be improved simply by taking a vacation. Intimate relations are said to also be increased by 80 percent meaning travel can make us more connected to loved ones. The study goes on to suggest that travel has a positive effect on family relations as they get to spend quality time together as well as building lifelong memories.

Taking time off work does not necessarily mean lack of efficiency as research has shown, following a vacation, employees are more able to cope with stress and have an improved sense of mental well-being. Add lower risk of certain medical conditions, significant increase of cultural awareness, confidence and reduced work-related exhaustion, it’s hard to see the disadvantages of traveling more!

So if the Travel Effect is anything to go by, we suggest you pack your bags and get going!


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Last modified on : Mar 5, 2014
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