Mar 6, 2013

Hotel Tips When Abroad

When traveling abroad, especially in another country which is significantly different in culture, it may be a good idea to expect the unexpected. Canadians last year took a record number of trips abroad with travel to foreign destinations having increased by 54% just in the last five years.

If you are part of this statistic, you may wish to consider these tips before venturing out to a foreign destination beyond the usual all inclusive options and staying in a hotel abroad.


There are countless reviews posted online on websites such as Trip Advisor, but how many of these reviews are genuine? While consumer reviews are what most travelers have to go by, it is important to keep in mind that travelers from other parts of the world may have very different ideas about what makes a good hotel. So use your own judgement and remain a little cautious of these websites. Read reviews, but those specifically from other Canadians can be useful in getting opinions of hotels that may be more likely to be similar to your own expectations and tastes depending on the type of hotel you are after.

Hotel Directions

Never assume taxi drivers know where all hotels are or that they speak English. For this reason, it is a good idea to consider getting directions to your hotel in a local language. You can also ask the hotel to send you an email with directions in the local language so you can show this to your taxi driver upon arriving at your destination.

Emergency Services

Always ask for an emergency number wherever you are. Each country has a different procedure so make sure you know how to contact a local emergency service if you need it.


Bringing an adapter is always a good option to keep in mind. Whether you need to charge a camera, phone or use a curling or straightening iron – an adapter is one of the most useful tools you can bring to use your appliances abroad.


Lastly, don’t assume that a hotel abroad will have the usual amenities you are used to. Always prepare by either finding out beforehand or bringing appliances you think you will really need while out there. Most importantly, enjoy the experiences a new country has to offer!


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Last modified on : Jun 13, 2013
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