Mar 21, 2013

Top 10 Travel Apps

Top 10 Travel Apps


Airbnb offers a huge range of private accommodations worldwide, whether it’s a villa, castle or apartment – Airbnb has it all! The app is designed so that users are able to search for nearby places and reserve properties directly at their fingertips!


Tripomatic allows the user to enter their destination and the duration of their stay. The app then reveals attractions and things to do – all beautifully illustrated on detailed maps which include photos and visitor guides.

Wi-Fi Finder

Need internet access on the go? Free Wi-Fi Finder will perform a quick scan and guide users to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot!


OnTheFly offers a comprehensive set of flight options and assists with finding when is best to fly just by inputting a range of dates and trip lengths making it easy and efficient to see when it is least expensive to fly.

Restaurant Nutrition

When you’re abroad, sometimes the only options you have are chain restaurants. The Restaurant Nutrition app gives users calorie count information along with nutritional values such as protein and fat content for each item on the menu.


AroundMe is a useful little app that lets you know whatever business is closest around you such as a gas station, ATM, restaurant, hospital or hotel. It tells users how far away they are and gives a map detailing how to get there.

Local Eats

Find hidden treasures with the Local Eats app which finds nearby restaurants that aren’t part of a chain and enjoy feasting on foods recommended by local food critics!

Camera +

Camera+ is a fantastic app which adds a greater zoom, self-timer, stabilizer for sharpness and an option to add flash after a photo is taken. If you’ve forgotten where a photo was taken, worry not – the app even has a map that can tell you where your photo was taken!


Frantically reaching for various itineraries at the airport? Make this a thing of the past with the TripIt app – simply forward your flight, hotel and any other confirmation emails and the app combines them all into one planned itinerary also adding extra information such as weather and maps!


Access any flight board for any airport in the world! Flight+ is particularly a great app if you are waiting to pick someone up at the airport and want to keep track of when their flight has landed.

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Last modified on : Jun 13, 2013
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