Jul 25, 2013

Ohau in a Nutshell

With its laid back, genuine, and blissful vibes, the island of Oahu in Hawaii is a great destination for anyone wanting to experience a little bit of tropical contentment. Vacation specialist Nancy made the jaunt to the quaint little island and gave her insight into the sights and sounds of the destination.


The beach side view of Oahu

Located in the Northern portion of the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu is the third largest island of the state. Contrary to its size, Oahu is busy with activity, being one of the most populated areas in the state. The island isn’t completely bustling however. There are many hidden gem of places strewn around the area.  This is a perfect destination offering breathtaking excursions, as well as solace and serenity.

Whether it’d be catching a Hula Show or shopping in Waikiki, relaxing by the calm and quiet lagoons of Ko’olina, or hanging ten on the waves up at the North Shore, there is a beach fitting for any mood within reasonable traveling distance from each other.


The coastline along Oahu

The activities the island offers are boundless, taking tourists from shore to land seamlessly. The lush lands and coastline allows guests to partake in numerous activities that are fun, as well as sustainable.


Horseback riding in Hawaii

Oahu is bountiful with nature and rich with history. While the area has earned its reputation of being an undisputed tourist destination, the island effuses to let go of its Hawaiian authenticity and Aloha Spirit.


The hills of Oahu

For more information about Oahu and to book your Hawaiian Vacation, visit our Honolulu vacation page here, or contact Nancy at 604.685.6885 ext.510

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Last modified on : Jul 25, 2013
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