Aug 12, 2013

Pinterest Worthy Ways to Scrapbook your Vacation

Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve all of your memories of travel and adventure. While it’s a fun (sometimes time consuming) and creative way to present your photographs, it often gets shafted to the bookshelves. It’s still pretty neat to marvel at the memories from time to time, but there are other neat ways to arrange travel photographs.

Here are some Martha Stewart-worthy ways to immortalize your favorite journeys of travel:

Letters to yourself
Photos serve as a great reminder of a trip. But sending letters to yourself, detailing the most noteworthy aspects of your trip creates greater and more vivid memories. It’s also an awesome way to remind yourself who you were at that exact moment. Add a dash of craftiness to this by framing the post-card like they did here.

Mapping your Journeys
Attaching photos to corresponding areas of a large map makes for a great accent piece in your office or living room. It also serves as a great visual to see which places you have yet to venture to!

Clothespin Picture Frames
Some great travel photos and few supplies from the craft store can spruce up any bare wall in a heartbeat.

Memories in a Jar
Taking memorabilia and preserving it in decorative mason jars would be impossible keepsakes to ignore.

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Last modified on : Aug 12, 2013
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