Aug 21, 2013

The Benefits of Sea Salt


With 84 trace elements found in this untouched form of matter, sea salt is ideal for creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Aside from encouraging positive changes and improvements to the body, it makes for a better reason to go on a beach getaway (I mean, whatever reason, is a good reason…right?!)

Keep all of your beauty supplies at home next time you’re on a tropical getaway. Sea salt is a great all-natural beautifying remedy in helping your skin feel soft and smooth. Sea salt relieves dry and itchy skin, keeping symptoms such as eczema and psoriasis at bay. It also encourages circulation and hydration, allowing for the skin to regenerate and heal. Sea salt also acts as an all-natural curling spray, leaving you with a legitimate ‘just out of the beach’ tousled look.

Drinking a little bit of sea salt water does to wonders in balancing the body internally. The raw and basic properties found in sea salt water prevent any acidic properties from further forming in the body, making it a great detoxing agent.

Mental Health and Well-being
Unrefined sea salt has vitamins and minerals, releasing bacteria and chemicals that improve hormonal balances and increases your overall happy feeling. Maybe it’s the water OR maybe it’s the vacation that’s causing this feeling of euphoria. Either way, we don’t think it’s a bad thing!


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Last modified on : Aug 21, 2013
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