Sep 3, 2013

The Staycation

For the average working Jane or Joe, vacations are definitely a luxury. It’s not very often that we’re granted seven full days to venture off into paradise for some necessary, and well deserved R&R.

The residual effect of travel however sometimes causes the inevitable travel bug. The demands of reality and the unbridled desire to travel may cause a conundrum for many.


"How can I possibly travel when I have the constraints of real life, preventing me from doing so?!" (Sob, sob sob).

Enter the ingenious of concept of the "Staycation."

For those infected with the travel bug, staycations are the best prescribed remedy for fun, without creating a dent in the wallet.

A staycation is a cost effective way to experience the activities of a vacation, without having to jaunt across the globe, but rather, within your city locale.

Staycatons might consist of visiting nearby attractions, a day-trip to the local park, or even a mini-road trip to a place just out of town.

The trick to a successful staycation is to treat is as close to a vacation as possible. This means getting all of your housekeeping ‘To Do’s’ out of the way before going on your excursions.


This also means ‘unplugging’ all of your digital devices for a brief moment and leaving  a few e-mails and phone calls unanswered (I know it might be difficult, given the fact that all of these are within reach…but fight the urge)!

Rest assured if all goes well, a staycation might just remedy that little virus that has you and your family vouching for the next exotic getaway.

Check out your city’s official website to see what kinds of attractions you can find on your next family staycation. If you’re up for doing a little jaunt just outside of town, make sure to check out our website or call one of our travel specialists at 604.685.6885 for the best hotel deals.

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Last modified on : Nov 13, 2013
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