Sep 9, 2013

Digital Detox: Making the most out of your vacation


Many of us have a hard time letting go of our digital toys, and not getting the R&R we're so deserving of!

While vacations are known to be temporary escapes from reality and daily routine, one element that is difficult to rid ourselves from, is the digital world. We’ve been going overdrive along the information freeway, and it’s sometimes hard for us to slow down and stop.

Thirty-eight percent of North Americans fall peril to responding work related e-mails while on vacation. That means thirty-eight percent of us are not taking full advantage of the R&R we deserved/paid for.


While it might be extremely difficult to unplug ourselves from our cherished tech gadgets, there is something relatively refreshing about stepping away from the hazy hum of the computer/phone screen. Sure Instagram has all these pretty filters, but really, the best and hi-def way to look at a beach is through our eyes.

Here are some useful ways to rid yourself of your devices during your vacation.

1. Leave your phone charger behind
The best way to 'de-digitalize' while on vacation is through baby steps! Charge all of your devices before going on your trip. While you still have the opportunity to check through e-mails and messages, being mindful of your battery life will allow you to ration and conserve battery life.

2. Plan your vacation the old-fashioned way
It’s sometimes difficult to fathom how we ever got by without technology. But rest assured, it wasn’t until recently that we were OK without it. Creating an itinerary via travel guides and tourist maps not only distract your eyes from the obligatory blue dot on the Google maps screen, but diving into a travel guide allows you to do a lot of preliminary research before even venturing off into your vacation.

3. Research vacation travel perks
There are some destination areas that offer some great trade-offs with your phone. The Petit St. Vincent resort in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Mountain Sky Guest Range in Montana, and the Via Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica and Mexico are known to give guests a special rate upon surrendering their digital devices.

4. Phone Apps
If all your efforts are exhausted and you still find yourself behind the screen of a digital device, you can always find an app top help you do so! The Digital Detox Smartphone App is a personal data blocker for your phone. Whether you need to unplug for a few hours or a few months, this app allows you to set a specific time where you can’t access data on to your phone. Talk about fighting fire with fire!

Remember that you owe it to yourself to have a stress-free vacation. It’s completely OK to disappear from the radar for brief time. It allows for greater reflection and appreciation of the idle time we can have to ourselves.

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Last modified on : Sep 9, 2013
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