Sep 11, 2013

Digital Hitchhiking | The Trend of Rideshares


Rideshares is a growing trend for many travelers getting by on land

The greatest element of thrifty traveling is –surprise, surprise- finding the best ways to get the biggest bang for your buck. Aside from the general necessities of food and accommodation, travellers –especially backpackers – are constantly on the lookout to cut costs of transportation.

Getting from Point A to Point B is sometimes a costly affair. Airfare and last minute Amtrak or bus tickets are fairly expensive. While it may be the only way to get around, there is a growing trend for travellers to opt for unconventional ways in traveling.

Ridesharing is not a new concept. As a method to reduce the cost of gas and the number of cars on the road, rideshares have been a great practice for people to get to the office. This concept has inevitably gone beyond just the workplace. More and more travellers are opting for rideshares as a means for land travel.

The idea of rideshares is fairly simple: it’s pretty much another synonym for carpooling. Several websites are becoming a hub for rideshare hosts to advertise extra car-seats for anyone willing to chip in gas money.

While it’s been a relatively well known method of traveling, the element of being in a car with an unfamiliar face sometimes raises the question of stranger danger.

Rest assured, like many backpack friendly websites, there are a few that veer clear of any Craigslist-worthy creeps. and are two websites that assist travelers and drivers with rideshares, whether it’d be across the country or a jaunt across town.

Whether you instil the help of these sites, or rely on classified sites like Kijiji or Craigslist, the best tip is to exercise intuition and sensibility. While rideshares have been relatively safe, it’s important to do preliminary research and know the person you’re sharing a ride with, to avoid stranger danger situations.

Be fairly clear of where and what each rider’s expectations are. Add them through social network sites before getting into a car with them. And if intuition tells you something isn’t right, opt for a different way of getting around. After all, safety should never be compromised for the sake of a few bucks.

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Last modified on : Sep 11, 2013
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