Sep 16, 2013

How To Fly with your Kids Stressfree

Vacations are fun. But the process of flying might be stressful, especially for kids.

Vacations are fun. But the process of flying might be stressful, especially for kids.

A resort vacation may promise times for rest and relaxation. However, the process of getting there might come as a challenge, especially if there are little ones involved.

Kids have mixed feelings when it comes to air travel. Some are excited about the notion of their first trip in the air, but it's also natural to also have an anxious child who is scared of the notion. Having a frightened or upset kid-traveler is a stressful situation. Not only for the parent, but for other passengers on the plane.

Here are some ways to calm first-flight jitters:


Here are some useful tips for smooth flying.

1. Plan your trip accordingly
Unforeseen circumstances like lay-overs and flight delays are stressful enough for adults. For children already anxious about traveling, it is equally, -if not- more nerve-wracking. Schedule your flights early, to avoid any delays throughout the day. You can also schedule your flights during your child’s nap time, so that they sleep during the duration of the flight.

2. Keep them busy
This does not necessarily mean that children should be staring at screens for the entire flight. While iPads and tablets would guarantee hours of entertainment, they would have to be inevitably turned off during take-offs and landings. Not only would this be a frightening experience, but it would be one that seems to last an eternity. Ensure that you have other activities to keep them busy during this time, such as art supplies or books.

3. Reduce Ear Pressure
The feeling of ears popping due to changing cabin pressure is probably the most uncomfortable aspects of flying. Children are especially sensitive to this as their ear canals are a lot smaller. Have the little ones chew on a piece of gum or such on a pacifier to alleviate ear pressure. This article from the Huffington Post gives proven techniques to ease the feeling of ear pressure.

Being mindful of yourself, your child and the rest of the airplane is always a great way to make your flight easier. Airplane passengers and staff are fairly understanding of the situation, especially when it comes to children. Take a look at what this couple did for the passengers of this airplane.

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Last modified on : Sep 16, 2013
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