Sep 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Travel Tip Pt.1 | Prepping & Planning

There is a better way to cope with holiday travel stress.

There is a better way to cope with holiday travel stress.

While venturing home for the holidays is a great treat, the process of getting there can sometimes be daunting and stressful. Airports and train stations are always buzzing with millions of travelers sharing the same sentiment of visiting their loved ones during the holidays.

We all hope to have a relatively smooth time getting back home. But let’s face it: flights are delayed, departures are missed, and life happens!

While these unfortunate events occur beyond our control, there are definitely some ways that it can be avoided.

Preparation and planning are two very important elements in ensuring that you’re travels back home run smoothly. Here are some tips to avoid travel tension:

Plan your Departure Carefully - Peak travel times not only mean crowded train stations and airports, it also spells higher rates in ticket prices. Wednesdays are crucial outbound departure days. Specifically, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving brings the most volume of travelers to the airport.

For those who do not have to fly too far to get home, traveling the morning of Thanksgiving is fairly easier and thriftier than traveling during other days of the week.

Getting back “home,” can also be a challenge. Airports are less busy the weekdays after a holiday, whereas the weekend –especially Sunday,- spells for hectic times.

For those more flexible with their travel dates, traveling during off-peak times will not only save you money, but your sanity as well.

Research your Airport - While taking a flight to the city’s major airport is the standard and easiest way to book a flight, you might not have the same easy experience, when the airport is bustling with a herd of holiday travelers.

It might be worth your while choosing a smaller, alternative airport, as it may save you time and a migraine. Small airports offer fewer flight options. However, they naturally also experience fewer delays.

Prepare to Fly with Children - Flying with children can sometimes be a fairly difficult experience. This can be heightened when there are large and equally anxious crowds trying to get by. Check any other available travel times, (when traveler traffic is not as congested) to prevent any flight-fear meltdown.

Shop Around - While some sites like Redtag Deals and Priceline supposedly offer the best price on flights and hotels, it’s also advantageous to browse online and compare prices. Make sure to check out our flights page here for more travel deals.

Plan, Plan, Plan - If you have yet to notice, there is a theme to all of this advice. Allotting ample time for research, preparations, and planning is the key to successful and smooth holiday traveling.

Make sure to check back on our blog for Part 2 of our Holiday Travel Tips, which entails ways to avoid disaster during the day of your travels!


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Last modified on : Oct 16, 2013
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