Oct 2, 2013

Fall for Boston

When planning a trip, the idea of going to Boston might be an unassuming destination on someone’s travel list.

Nestled beside its sister state of New York, Boston has often been overlooked as a go-to destination. However, during the autumn season, Boston is truly a place where one falls in love. The crisp, yet mild weather is perfect for strolling along the brick-laded streets.


The cityscape of Boston during Fall.

The city also offers the perfect balance of history, art, and culture. Boston is home to the famous historical tea party and is also the oldest city in the US. Its past can be immortalized through its cityscapes and heritage buildings.

Aside from the city scenery, Boston is home to a plethora of professional sports teams. While the last of the Red Sox fans take in the residual memories of the summer, die-hard Patriots fans are gearing up for a pretty promising season. Boston is a sports fan’s dream destination (unless…you’re not a Boston fan that is)!



Aside from sports, the city also thrives in their fine arts. With their public art displays and the resonating echoes of jazz music through the corridors of the city, Boston proves to be abundant in all things artsy.

For those wanting to jaunt to Beantown, September and October is a great time to travel as the city escapes the peril of humidity and the blustery, yet crisp season makes for pleasant coat weather.

There are also a plethora of festivals that occur around this time, like the Cambridge Carnival International and the Boston Local Food Festival.

For more information about Boston, or to book a flight and hotel to Beantown, make sure to check out our flights page here, or call us at 604.685.6885.

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