Oct 7, 2013

History 101: A quick lesson on Travel and Tourism


The concept of travel isn’t a new phenomenon. Ever since the days of colonialism, the world and its people have been in this constant state of movement.

But, make no mistake about it. There is a difference between travel and tourism. While travel itself has been around for eons, tourism is considered its younger, more contemporary counterpart.

So, exactly what is the difference? While travel and tourism entail traveling around the globe, tourism serves no technical purpose than just travel.

During the 18th century, travel was limited to a lucky –and very affluent- group of people. Aristocrats, dignitaries, and the high-class had the ability to explore different areas of the globe for luxury and entertainment.

It wasn’t until Thomas Cook’s concept of inclusive tourism, that the formal concept of it was solidified. The establishment the railroad created greater accessibility for folks to move around.

Cook had the ability to take tourists on adventures and eventually, went as far as creating detailed itineraries, so that tourists can fully enjoy their travel experience, and not have to worry about a thing.

As time passed, Cook’s concept grew and developed into an entire industry. Tourism is no longer for the affluent. Travel agencies (such as are continuing Cook’s legacy of inclusive tourism, having the ability to cater to anyone’s travel choices, on any budget.


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Last modified on : Oct 7, 2013
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