Oct 9, 2013

Fall for Oregon

After receiving it’s notoriety as a hipster-dwelling, 90s embracing, weirdo capital of America through the popular satirical comedy ‘Portlandia,’ some might dismiss this city and state as one ridden with a bunch of unmotivated 20 something’s who do nothing but create tragic art and ride their vintage bikes.

The Portland city line during Autumn.

The Portland city line during Autumn.

HOWEVER, the reality is quite the latter. Oregon is a state vibrant in culture, possessing a perfect balance between nature and metropolis. Each region within the state offers something unique and special.

While its location in the Northwest also entails weather wetter than what most experience, there is no shortage of both indoor and outdoor activities to do during the fall seasons.

The city of Portland, located north of Oregon offers an array of attractions. With infinite micro-breweries, distillers and wineries, travelers can warm their tummies with delicious local ales. The city also has no shortage of unique restaurants and diners.

The city also has a plethora of art centers and events happening throughout the community, so make sure to keep a close pulse on the city.

For those wanting to be closer to nature than the city, the Mount Hood/ Gorge region boasts the best scenery. Surrounded by turning leaves of yellow and deep red, the Multnomah Falls, located east of Portland is an absolutely breathtaking place to visit.


Multnomah Falls in Oregon.

Likewise, for those wanting to be close to the water, venturing into Astoria and Cannon Beach along the well-known Oregon Coast is definitely a different scene during autumn.

Oregon is a place that is timeless, unique and unconventional. To book hotels around the Oregon region, check out our hotels page, or call one of our Travel Specialists to plan your trip today.

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