Oct 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Travel Tips Pt.2 | Surviving the Airport Battle Field


There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Here are ways to survive the Airport.

A few weeks back, we gave tips and tricks on ways to make holiday travels, stress-free. So, now you’ve planned as far ahead as you can, and the time has come to face the barrage of travelers at the airport.

While the holidays promise nothing but good times, getting through the rigors of airport logistics can be a big headache. The constant rush of travelers, desperate in reaching their departure gates and making their flights on-time, can create a buzz of anxiety for everyone.

You’ve planned as far ahead as you can, now here are some helpful ways in surviving the airport battle field:

Arrange Rides and Plan Ahead - Taking your family vehicle might be the easiest method to get to the airport. Keep in mind however, that this thought might be shared with other travelers as well. Finding (or fighting) for a parking spot would just be another unnecessary stress for traveling. Not to mention, depending on the duration of your time away, Park-N-Fly rates can get fairly pricy.

A cab or a friendly car drop-off would remedy the headaches of the airport parking lot. Doing so, would be a potentially thriftier affair. Giving the drop-off responsibilities to someone else, also keeps you on schedule.

Check-in before arriving at the Airport - In order to prevent waiting in long check-in cues, checking in for your flight before arriving at the airport saves a great chunk of valuable time. Doing so, also allows you to update your passport information and seat assignment without having to rush through it.

Know the TSA Policies - One of the biggest drags in traveling, is going through rigorous security measures, only to realize that some of your intended and valuable gifts, would be confiscated due to it not complying with the country’s TSA policies.

Make sure to review the rules of your local airport and be aware of what you can and cannot bring to a flight. It will save you the trouble of having to explain yourself to security guards.

Have a contingency Plan - While we all wish to have a smooth experience when traveling, we have to accept the fact that our realities, might not necessarily match with our wishes. Like our last article, it’s sensible to ensure that you have a “Plan B,” when initial ideas don’t always line up.

Holiday travels might sure be a pain at times, but just know that the reward of seeing longtime friends and family, are well worth the efforts.

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Last modified on : Oct 16, 2013
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