Nov 1, 2013

Last Minute Travel Myths Debunked

Going on a last minute trip may be exciting. The whole concept of spontaneity may be a glamorous and exciting concept, but don’t be fooled! Here are some last minute travel myths that many travelers believe to be true!


“Last Minute Travel” vs. “Short Notice” Traveling
“Last Minute Travel” is a rather construed term. For some travelers, this would mean scoring a great deal on an exotic getaway. While last minute traveling does in fact mean traveling with very little time to plan an itinerary, in reality, going to the airport and buying a last minute ticket to anywhere, is anything but cheap.

In fact, it does have a tendency to be quite costly. “Last Minute Travel,” according to the travel industry, means travel taking place within two weeks or less.

“Weekend getaways are the best getaways!”
Getting your vacation started during the weekend might be a good idea in foresight. It’s a lot easier to take time off for vacations when the departure date is the day before the weekend. However, this might not be the best time to book, if you’re looking for the best deals on flights.

The price of flights often skyrockets for weekend departure dates. The deals lie during mid-week departures. Not only would a mid-week flight entail a better deal on seats, but you can potentially avoid the rush that usually occurs during the busy travel times during the weekend.

Last minute trips are for fun trips; not important ones
Many travel agencies and flight centres offer great deals on sunny and faraway destinations. The only catch is that it only offers particular deals to specific destinations and not a whole lot of them.

For those looking for particular flights to specific destinations, namely for a very important trip, it’d be wise to plan ahead, than take the risk in looking for a great deal, that might not necessarily even be available.

Beggars can’t be choosers
Much like the previous tip, travel agencies often offer great last-minute deals on specific destinations and resorts (emphasis on the word ‘specific’). These last-minute deals are more suited for travelers who are flexible with their departure dates, destination, hotel, and even room type. If you don’t mind the odd chance of not getting an ocean view room at a 4-star resort, or venturing off a different part of Mexico or Cuba, then last-minute travel might just be for you.

For more information about last-minute travel, or to check out our very own last-minute travel deals, check out our page here, or talk to one of our travel specialists at 1.888.685.6888.


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