Nov 4, 2013

Going Green on Vacation

With a greater emphasis on environmental responsibility, as travelers, we are encouraged to preserve our world. Seeing the planet is definitely something that should be experienced, but it’s also important to take care of it! Here are some ways to care for the world while globe-trotting:

There are a lot more ways to find adventure during your travels without disrupting the environment around you.

There are a lot more ways to find adventure during your travels without disrupting the environment around you.

Think Globally, Act Locally
Seeing the world is a great opportunity to experience all things authentic and local. Buying from a local business not only encompasses a truly cultural experience, but it also helps support local tourism and communities.

Using different Modes of Transportation
Splurging for a rental car might be a relatively convenient way to get around the city. Naturally however, it also might not be the best for the earth. Choosing Eco-conscious ways of getting around can start right when you book your flight. Choose flight routes that have as minimal stopovers as possible, as the largest amount of carbon emissions are emitted during a plane’s take-off and landing.

Opting for other modes of transportation such as public transportation would also help in familiarizing the surroundings a bit better.

Eco-Friendly Resorts
There is a myth that eco-friendly resorts entail being left alone in the wilderness, to fend and survive. In reality, there are a plenty of resorts that offer the same luxuries as other resorts, but have environmentally sound initiatives in place to reduce their carbon footprints. Check out some great eco-friendly resorts here.

Shells are for Beaches; not Necklaces
Shell-made necklaces or décor might be unique souvenirs. However, it might not necessarily be the best thing for the planet. Instead, take note of the first tip. Buy locally!

Recycling Options
The one thing that many travelers fail to notice while on vacation is the sheer amount of plastics used during the vacation. While recycling is a great way to save the environment, reusing plastics is definitely a better way to remain Eco-conscious.

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Last modified on : Nov 4, 2013
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