Nov 6, 2013

Girlfriend Getaways

Whether it’d be celebrating your BFF’s bachelorette, taking a well-deserved vacation, or simply celebrating the special bond you have together, a girl’s trip has always been a fitting way to celebrate the company close to you.

While your friends alone make the trip worthwhile, here are some particular destinations that definitely cater to gal-pal friendly activities.

There's nothing like taking a well-deserved girl's trip to these wonderful destinations

There's nothing like taking a well-deserved girl's trip to these wonderful destinations

Maui, HI
Maui is a great location for those wanting change of scenery & pace and have active lifestyles. Whether it’d be snorkeling or surf lessons by the water, or going on a brisk hike on some of Hawaii’s most beautiful trails, there’s an activity for those looking to step out of their usual exercise regimes.

Sedona, AZ
If your girlfriends and you are looking for a place to get in touch with your spiritual side, taking a quick retreat to Sedona might just be what you need. Sedona’s red-rock backdrop is known to be sacred, possessing spiritual “power spots.” Spiritual guides can help coach you and your group through a series of meditative exercises.

Okanagan, BC
The interior, holds some of the greatest gems in BC. Situated near a picturesque lake, Okanagan is the perfect destination for those who enjoy good views, food and most importantly, wine. The interior is well-known for their infinite and endless amounts of vineyards. Rent a few bikes and partake in a cycling tour with a couple of your close pals. It is a great daytime activity.

Las Vegas, AZ
Is there any question that this wouldn’t be on the list? Las Vegas is a one stop destination for those wanting to shop, eat, and dance all in one place. The amount of shows and concerts that are found around the strip are endless. And lastly, Chip N’ Dales and Thunder from Down Under. Need I say more?

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