Nov 8, 2013

Guy Friendly Getaways

We covered some of the best girl friendly getaways in a previous post. It would not be fair if we didn’t cover some of the most fitting destinations for the boys. Of course, sneaking in a little R&R would be on top of the itinerary, there’s nothing like getting experiencing rough and tumble activities with your best and closest comrades. We’ve curated some of the friendliest Guy Trip Getaways that you can take with the rest of the boys.


Not every adventure has to end up like the 'Hangover.' Here are some guy friendly destinations that you can take with the boys.

Boston MA
Aside from the rustic backdrop, Boston is a city notable for its rich past and history. Aside from that, anyone that’s a sports fan could appreciate a city like this one. Whether it’s the Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics, the New England Patriots, or the New England Revolution, catching a game at any time of the year is almost guaranteed.

Daytona Beach FL
The sun and beach are just some of the things that this sunny city has to offer. Those with a need for speed can race to their hearts content as this city is a hub for race tracks. The very famous Daytona Beach Race Track gives folks the opportunity to go behind the wheel and have the same type of experience as race track drivers.

West Coast Trail BC
The West Coast Trail along the Vancouver Island coast is a great way to spend the weekend (or, for those particularly ambitious, a full week) for those who would rather spend their time in the wilderness rather than in the city. The 75km Trail located in the western part of Vancouver Island is filled with various types of terrain. This is definitely a way to prove your woodsman skills.

Prague Czech Republic
For those who are impartial to ample amounts of ale, a visit to Prague might be the perfect destination for you. Aside from the post-colonial inspired architecture, Prague is home to a variety of spirits, wines, and ales. So, drink yourself silly.

Koh Phangan Thailand
With its rich culture and infinite parties, Koh Phangan is the hub of Thailand’s nightlife. The city is notorious for their Full Moon Parties which last from dusk until the afternoon the following day. With a great balance of culture and party life, Koh Phangan is a great destination for those wanting to relax and enjoy the festivities of Thailand.

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