Nov 12, 2013

Staying Fit While Traveling

Let’s face it, when we’re on ‘vacation mode,’ a sudden ‘Off Switch’ goes off to maximize our R&R experience.

When the shoreline bids farewell and the margaritas stop flowing however, the challenge is getting back into the swing of things. This is especially true for exercising.

All of that time away from the gym makes it a little difficult to get back into your usual fitness regime. However, there are ways to stay active while you’re on your vacation mode. Most of these do not require a gym!

yoga on the beach

Exercising while on vacation is actually quite effortless!

Long Walks on the Beach: It might sound like a cliché line from a desperate dating advertisement, but people who love “long walks on the beach,” have a point. Walking in itself is a relatively great low-impact activity.

Walking on sand however, is another story. The fine consistency of the sand makes it a little bit of a challenge to walk properly. But it also provides the best kind of work out for your legs! No wonder people love long walks on the beach.

Beach Volleyball: Depending on how you look at it, sand could be the best, or the worst thing to have ever happened to your legs. Volleyball in itself, is a relatively high intensity sport. Add a little sand, and it’s a completely different game. It takes endurance and strength to maneuver around a large court. Within a couple of seconds, you’ll be breaking a sweat.

Leisurely Hikes: Hikes are not only a great way to break a sweat, but it’s also a great activity for groups to partake in, especially to uncover unchartered territory! Hike trails, especially in places like Hawaii and Europe, offer some breath taking views at the peak of their trails. It’s well worth the trek!

Yoga: The practice of yoga, not only helps with achieving a sense of relaxation and Zen, but it also helps strengthen your core muscles and improve balance. Doing it behind a beach backdrop is the perfect recipe for ultimate relaxation.

Cycling Tours: Much like hiking, cycling is a great way of venturing the road less traveled. Not only does cycling cover more ground, it’s the perfect way of getting a solid leg work out, while enjoying the landscapes of your vacationing city.

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Last modified on : Nov 12, 2013
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