Nov 18, 2013

Must have Travel Essentials

The preliminary planning of a highly anticipated getaway can get a bit overwhelming for travelers. Aside from ensuring you have the absolute essentials (i.e. Travel documents, passports, etc.). There are some items you shouldn’t part ways with when traveling. These ten essential items should be on your travel checklist. Trust us, they will come in handy!

Travel Essentials

  1. Little Black Book: We’re not talking about a little black book to document the contacts of each attractive foreigner you encounter. But rather, it’s a great tool to jot down addresses and noteworthy places that you’re most likely to visit again.
  2. Voltage Converter: A voltage converter is a godsend for those who simply cannot part ways with their favorite tech gadget.
  3. Day Bag: While it might seem a little redundant to stuff another bag along with your luggage, it comes in handy especially when you're doing lots of walking. There’s nothing worse than lugging around a rather large backpack because you have no other option of storing it.
  4. Good Camera: While smartphones make it relatively easy for travelers to take photos. They don’t do justice from the quality that a simple point and shoot can capture.
  5. Travel Jeans: This might seem a little “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pant”-esque but taking a sturdy pair of slacks with you during your travels will save you from bringing a large haul of unnecessary clothes with you.
  6. Reusable Water Bottle: This item has often been overlooked, but bringing a sturdy and reusable water bottle comes in handy! There’s nothing more important than staying hydrated during your travels. It also saves you a ton from purchasing water elsewhere, and it’s a great way to flex your eco-friendly practices!
  7. SPF: This is a given when jet-setting to sunny destinations. But don’t be fooled in thinking it wouldn’t be needed for ‘cooler’ destinations. Sunscreen is important in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.
  8. Sanitizer: Having sanitizer or Wet Wipes are a godsend especially when you’re travelling in an area where there are no washrooms nearby. It’s great to have on board if you want to instantly freshen up.
  9. First Aid Kit: First Aid Kits might be a bit clunky, but taking a travel sized mini kit might be beneficial should you run into an unfortunate mishap.
  10. Roll on Luggage: Luggage is obligatory. After all, how can you possibly travel without it?! Make sure that you choose luggage that is easy for you to lug around. If you’re not intending to backpack around you destination, make sure to use a suitcase with wheels. It’s much easier than having to carry a duffle bag should it be necessary to rush through your departure gates!
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Last modified on : Nov 18, 2013
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