Nov 25, 2013

Getting over Post-Vacation Blues

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There is exists a tumultuous love affair with people and traveling. While it satiates the soul and expands the mind, emotional lull occurs upon the end of your journeys.

The post-vacation blues is a sneaky little thing that creeps up after a highly anticipated escape. Daily routine is cumbersome and there’s a sense of disorientation & uneasiness in getting back into the swing of things.

You come to the realization that your current life situation no longer cuts it, and you’re thinking about making big life changes. Suddenly, you’re left in front of your laptop, looking at exotic destinations, and booking your next flight to whatever place catches your fancy.


Believe it or not, Post-Vacation Blues is actually a thing. And it’s completely normal (however, there is a difference between Post-Travel Depression and Clinical Depression. If you feel like you are suffering from Clinical Depression, contact a physician immediately). However, there are ways to remedy the latter:

Embrace the process: After a fun-filled highly anticipated vacation, it’s completely normal to have difficulty getting back into the swing of things. Not only do you have to mentally get back into your usual daily routine. Your body might also be feeling the effects of jet-lag. Traveling gives us the luxury of being able to spend time away from normalcy. Forcing yourself back into it might be understandingly overwhelming. Arriving mid-week before the weekend (on a Friday if you can) is a great way to gently ease back into reality.

The vacation doesn’t have to end when the vacation ends!: Yes, you might be grounded at home base for a while. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your vacationing spirit has to be in that same rut as well. Experiencing nostalgia by ways of looking through photos and souvenirs is enough to calm the soul. Albeit, a relatively fitting cathartic activity.

Sharing is caring: Another great way to get past post-vacation doldrums is to share your experiences with others. Blogging about your travels is not only a creative way to illustrate your travels, but it’s also a neat way to connect with other bloggers who know your experience all too well.

It’s a blessing in disguise!: One of the best things about travel is that it is an all-round perspective giver. There's something to be said about unplugging from your devices and not having to rely anything more than your intuition and skills to chat up a local for directions. It’s great to continue on with these practices after your vacation, as it encourages mindfulness and living with minimal wants.

Take care of yourself: Most importantly, it’s good to look after you when coming home. It’s good to ease slowly back into work; but important to get back into your usual diet and exercise regime. It’s also healthy to get plenty of sleep and surround yourselves with the ones you love!

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Last modified on : Nov 25, 2013
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