Dec 16, 2013

Winter Wonderland | Best Ski Destinations in the World: Zermatt, Switzerland

Some of the extreme runs that are found in Zermatt.

Some of the extreme runs that are found in Zermatt.

Who Should Go: Those who have a taste of high peaks and old-town culture

Why We Love it: Switzerland in itself is a shoo-in for a certified, solid ski-resort, what with its glacier top peaks and Swiss old-town vibe. What’s most peculiar about this location is that its town, its peaks, and sky scape are surrounded by the mighty Matterhorn.

There is harmonious balance between the new and old world, as modern architecture of the resorts blend with Zermatt’s old-fashioned landscapes. There is an abundance of luxury in the village, but this shouldn’t overshadow Zermatt's promising peaks and runs

With some runs offering intense vertical drops and an assortment of terrains, the Zermatt offers a little bit of everything.

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Last modified on : Dec 16, 2013
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