Dec 23, 2013

Winter Wonderland | Best Ski Destinations in the World: Girwood, Alaska

Steep runs at Girwood Alaska

Steep runs at Girwood Alaska

Who Should Go: Skiers and boarders that like to ‘keep it real,’ and those wanting to hit the slopes round the clock.

Why We Love it: Located several miles from Anchorage, Girwood is a ski destination that is unpretentious, earthy, and down to earth. Girwood boasts some of the widest and most open Alpines due to its lack of arbors.

With smaller crowds, Girwood is perfect for those looking for an absolute field day on the slopes. For those that simply want to ride the slopes round the clock, it’s best to visit around March, where Alaska experiences over twelve hours of daylight.

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Last modified on : Nov 5, 2013
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