Jan 3, 2014

Travel Resolutions for 2014: Make it Happen

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Travel more.

That’s always a goal on anyone’s New Year’s resolution list. However, there’s this assumption that traveling doesn’t come easy. With the juggling of itineraries and budgets, not to mention taking time off from work and ensuring that everything that needs to be taken care of is taken care of while you’re gone...the notion of traveling seems incredibly daunting.

The idea of traveling usually ends up in life’s “To Do” list. More often than not, it’s never revisited until the New Year.

But what if this year, it WAS in fact different and there was smidgen of opportunity to travel?

There are plenty of opportunities to jet-set around the globe and it’s fairly simple to achieve. A good lot of it though, entails a lot of planning. However, once started, it’s fairly easy to keep going.

Where do you want to go?
This is probably the best part of trip planning is determining where you want to go. Your destination, whether it’d be near or far, would potentially set the tone as to how soon you can go on your trip and how much you would need to budget for it.

What’s your timeline?
Once you’re set on your destination, the next step is to commit to when you want to depart. Prices can vary depending on location and time of departure –i.e. for those wanting a budget getaway to a beach resort you might want to avoid traveling during the winter seasons. You’ll also want to determine how long your trip ought to last.

Where do you want to go?
Itinerary planning would probably be the most exciting and sometimes complex part of trip planning. If you’re planning to stay put in one destination –like all-inclusive resorts- then your itinerary might not as be as elaborate as someone who’s backpacking.

Now that you’ve got the main elements of your trip. The next step is to do as much research about the destination as possible. Try to squeeze as much out of the penny as much as possible by finding other alternatives to accommodations and food option.

Invest in that Piggy Bank
The last, but most important part of this entire process is saving up to actually afford the trip comfortably. Putting money aside every now and then solely for the trip would inevitably seal the deal.

Need more inspiration, check out our TravelWOW article here to get you started!

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Last modified on : Jan 2, 2014
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