Jan 8, 2014

Epic Getaways: River Cruises

Going on a cruise line getaway is a great method of traveling. With its check-in and unpack once mentality, it’s a convenient way to see various sights and sounds of the world while staying within the comforts of the ship’s cabin. It’s undoubtedly a more luxurious alternative than backpacking.

While it does have a ton of perks, the concept of being at port for a few days and at sea for the latter lot of the trip, might not tickle everyone’s fancy. Travelers looking for a more intimate way to experience the landscapes of the world, without compromising cruise life can still do so with river cruises.

So what’s the difference?

While river cruising entails the same premise as a cruise (they both utilize water as a mode of getting around). That’s about the extent of their similarities. Unlike ocean line cruisers, river cruises are smaller scale vessels that get into the nook and crannies of city canals. River cruises sail a little closer to the city ports as well, giving travelers a pretty good view of what the destination offers.

There are plenty of places where you can sail away on a river cruise it’s definitely one colorful way to travel.


Wine Themed Getaways – Paris & the Sparkling Seine
For wine connoisseurs, AmaWaterways offer an incredible wine-themed getaway. Whether it’s appreciating the beautiful Parisian scenery, or indulging in some of the finest French wine, the Paris & Sparkling Seine allows travelers to experience both. This eleven-day excursion sails to eight different ports, all of which are rich in French history, texture, and of course, wine.


Culture and Textures of Asia – Magical China & The Yangtze River
Avalon Waterways offers the best of both worlds with their Magical China & Yangtze River tour. This 11-day tour gives the opportunity for sight-seeing on foot as well as waterway. With a 3-night water excursion through the well-known Yangtze River, travelers have the opportunity to comb through some of the most culturally rich parts of China.


Eastern European Escape – Waterways of the Tsars
This 13-day river cruise excursion from Viking River Cruises allows travelers to take a quick peek at some of the most well-known and hidden gem cities of Russia. With colorful palaces, monasteries and epic citadels, this excursion is a great way to get acquainted with such a mysterious country.

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