Jan 15, 2014

Epic Getaway Series: The Yukon Territories

Entering the Yukon Territory of Canada

Yes, though living in the Great White North entails us longing for sunnier and warmer destinations, there is something to be said about venturing higher up north.

The Yukon Territories is about the size of California, with a fraction of the population. In other words, it’s a destination with a TON of land that needs to be explored.

From the vast tundra and the glacier peaks that line the borders of the territory, the landscape is reason enough to visit. It’s a place where wildlife is transfixed within a border less terrain. Occasionally, the skies illuminate with infinite hues. Of course, being one of the most northern points of the world, you’ll need to come prepared with clothing that could brave the elements.

Alas, I assure you that it would be worth it.

For those wanting to venture further up North, the best times to visit greatly vary.

For those who like endless summer days (emphasis on endless, as the sun doesn’t set), visiting during June or August would be a promising time.

Alternatively, since the Yukon is known to be the GREAT White North, it would be incredibly fitting to visit during the winter months, when the air is sharp and cool. September to April are prime time months for spotting the famous aurora borealis.


Aside from the obvious wildlife that dominates the province, cities like Whitehorse also have plenty to share when it comes to history and culture.

While its image might portray a cold and baron land, the Yukon is incredibly easy to travel to. Many commercial airlines offer direct flights to Whitehorse.

The Yukon is a place that possesses some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, and is one of few that remain unscathed by the bustling façade of the metropolis. It is undoubtedly a place worth checking out.

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Last modified on : Jan 15, 2014
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