Jan 29, 2014

New Year’s Resolution: Caring for your Planet (while on vacation)


We’ve mentioned this quite a few times, but caring and living harmoniously with the surroundings around us, is something that ought to be exercised regularly.

Resorts and tourism companies are now encouraging travelers to go green for their daytime adventures and excursions.

Eco-tourism is a popular and environmentally friendly way for travelers to experience the sights and sounds of the destination, all while making minimal impact on the environment.

While resort-style vacations entail some level of luxury, there are plenty of excursions within reach that give travelers a truly authentic and intimate look at some of the destination’s most notable and natural wonders.

We mentioned how great the Dominican Republic was a few days ago. Aside from having some of the best beaches, the Dominican Republic also offers some of the best spots for wildlife excursions. The island has nine distinct ecological zones for visitors.

With a plethora of national parks and wildlife reserves protected by the country, travelers have the opportunity to marvel at the natural treasures of the country without the guild of creating more carbon-foot prints


On Land

For those staying in Punta Cana, visiting the Laguna Limon, one of the countries Eco-logical reserves offers some of the best views of the Bay of Samana in its highest peak. Aside from that, the end of the trek also greets visitors with the pristine Limon Waterfalls.


At Sea

Catamaran tours within the bays of La Romana gives guests an intimate view of the sea’s natural pool and mangrove swamps, before reaching the country’s largest off-shore island of Saona. This gem boasts hundreds of species of birds and several exotic sea creatures.

Caring for the world is just as important as uncovering it. That’s why at, we make every effort to make our planet a little greener. Aside from encouraging environmentally sound practices while traveling, we’ve paired with the Eden Projects to donate an equivalent of 10 trees for every vacation package booked, and a dollar to the World Wildlife Fund for every online booking we receive. Caring for the planet is that easy!

For more information about Eco-friendly type excursions and resorts in the Dominican Republic, drop us a line at 1-888-685-6888.

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Last modified on : Jan 29, 2014
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