Jan 31, 2014

Epic Getaway Series: Montego Bay, Jamaica


The port of Montego Bay

If you’re a traveler that appreciates stark contrasts between landscapes shared by the same destination, Montego Bay is a definite place to visit.

Noted as the second largest city in Jamaica, Montego Bay is a premier resort destination for travelers and resort enthusiasts alike.

Situated beside miles of beautiful beach, Montego Bay is a prime spot for those longing for R&R. Aside from the soft white sands and out of this world ocean views, there are plenty of undersea and catamaran tours offered. Guests are given the opportunity to go beyond the Montego Bay shores and observe the different types of wildlife that the country has to offer.


The shores of Montego Bay

Alternatively, it’s a rough-and-tumble city with, noisy, lively and endearing Caribbean charm. It’s a place that offers an abundance of color, texture, and eccentric culture. Sam Sharpe Square in particular, provides a bustling hub of activity. Aside from being the epicenter of the town, it possesses a deep (yet dark) sense of history. Travelers and tourists alike hone a greater sense of appreciation with regards tot what this city represents.


Sam Sharpe Square in Montego Bay

Whether it’d be it’d be taking the quiet and serene seascapes of the beach, or being caught in the middle of the lively city, Montego Bay offers the best of both worlds. To experience the rich spirit of Jamaica, call us at 1.888.685.6888 for more information.

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Last modified on : Jan 30, 2014
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