Feb 3, 2014

Epic Getaway Series: Panama

While it’s seen as a small strip of land situated south of Central America, Panama is a small city with big cultural influences. It’s the exact point where North and South America meet and where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans bind together. It is a country where cultures and worlds harmoniously collide.


A panoramic shot of Panama City.

As a country that shares the similar historical experiences as the Caribbean, Panama is known for its distinct cultural diversity. The country has created a reputation as a unique country amongst others in the Central Americas.


Panama Shores

Aside from the colorful amalgamation of culture and art, being a country surrounded by water, makes for some unreal views and infinite possibilities, when it comes to aquatic activities and excursions.

Whether it’d be basking in the luxury of cruises and yachts, or getting a little closer with the earth through the ocean’s surf, the options for experiencing Panama’s shoreline are endless.


A shot of the Panama Canal.

The Panama Canal in itself, is a reason for visiting. Not only does it act as a connecting point between the Atlantic and Pacific, but it’s a great destination for those wanting to visit one of the busiest port hubs in the world.

Panama is a country that flawlessly bridges a plethora of things together: Whether it’d be connecting oceans, continents, or cultures, it is a destination that provides an unconventional and unique look at the Central Americas.

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Last modified on : Feb 3, 2014
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