Feb 7, 2014

Romance Lives on at the Secrets Marquis


The Secrets Marquis from afar.

A few days back, we took a close look at Cabo San Lucas. Aside from being a prime destination for beachcombers, it is also a promising getaway spot for couples.

They say that some places offer such a great experience, that travelers leave a piece of their heart there. Los Cabos is one of these destinations, and the Secrets Marquis Resort is an element that helps instill such feelings.

Found in the heart of the Los Cabos strip, the Secrets Marquis is a couples-friendly resort, that has guests falling in love...not just with each other, but with the sights and sounds of beautiful Los Cabos.


The lobby at the Secrets Marquis.

Right when guests enter the resort, they are greeted with every element of luxury.

The beauty and romantic ambiance isn’t limited to just the outdoor layout of the resort. Every room has an ocean view, promising full views of the Cabo sunrise and sunset.


The sunset from the Secrets Marquis infinity pool.

Of course, the beaches - especially Lover’s Beach- are shoo-ins for romantic locations. Those wanting to stay within the resort can still bask in romantic ambiance. Amazing infinity pools in the resort offer breathtaking views of the ocean. If guests are lucky, they can spot whales, dolphins, and rays from their pool lounger.

The Secrets Marquis is a perfect destination for a Valentine’s Day jaunt. Our Travel Specialist, Jason been there! Contact him at, or give us a shout at 1.888.685.6888 to book your vacation today.

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Last modified on : Feb 6, 2014
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