Feb 18, 2014

Reasons for why you’re late for your Flight


I’ve been guilty for constantly running on ‘island time,’ (i.e. being fashionably late for things). However, when it comes to stuff like work, hot dates, or departure flights, I exercise punctuality as if my life depended on it.

For a creative group of tardy individuals, punctuality would be an after thought. This silly article lists some of the most outlandish, yet chuckle-worthy reasons for why travelers are late for their flight.

For the sake of this post, I’ve narrowed this list, picking my Top 5 favorites:

(1) 'It was her fault' – The ‘blame game’ is the oldest play in the book. However, for this particular couple, reasons for missing their flight included the overbearing habits of the wife packing and re-packing their luggage to ensure they weren’t missing anything on their trip.

(2) 'My outfit needed to match' – It’s important to feel comfortable during your flight. However, for one fashion-forward-flyer, her indecisiveness almost cost her, her flight to Egypt. She ultimately passed the comfy digs for a colorful albeit, uncomfortable floral number.

(3) 'I had to know if Simba was the king of Pride Rock' – OK, the 'Lion King' might be a REALLY good movie. But for one die-hard Disney fan, the prospect of not knowing the ending was so horrendous, she almost missed her flight.

(4) 'Too much Hanky-Panky' – Of course, the prospect of not seeing your significant other due to your long distance relationship may spark some…erm, ‘urges.’ This couple wastes no time getting 'busy.' In fact, they were way too busy with each other to realize they were running late for their flight. Oh well, anything for love I suppose!

(5) 'The Hangover'- Not a weird reason, but a fun one nonetheless! A wild night out has this poor flyer passing out on his bar stool. However, he miraculously sobered up in time to just make his flight. Gee, I wish that could happen after every night of partying!

Ever run late for a flight? What were your reasons? Sound off here!

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Last modified on : Feb 18, 2014
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