Feb 19, 2014

Slowing Down (Island) Time at the Ti Kaye Resort & Spa

The 4-star Ti Kaye Resort & Spa found on the cliff-side of the secluded Anse Cochon Cove in St. Lucia.


The view from Ti Kaye Spa.

This luxury resort is tucked in the lush jungles of the island. Yet, it overlooks the secluded sandy beaches below, giving guests the best of both worlds during their stay.


The resort is hidden in the island!

The resort embodies the main theme of St.Lucia – instilling a peaceful balance between the fragility of nature and modern life. The resort is built seamlessly into the landscape. However, the organic nature of its design is combined with luxurious resort amenities. From the outdoor showers to the poolside decks, each part of Ti Kaye Resort gives a picture-perfect view of the island horizon.


Restaurant at Ti Kaye Resort.

Being nestled within nature also makes the resort a prime spot for excursions. From scuba diving expeditions, to swaying amongst the jungle canopy, the resort offers a candid and border-less experience between nature and guests. Travelers are guaranteed to leave, having a greater appreciation of the beauty and power that the island possesses.

For more information about Ti Kaye Resort & Spa, or to book your island paradise getaway, call us at 1.888.685.6888.

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Last modified on : Feb 19, 2014
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