Feb 20, 2014

A Place you can Snooze with really Sweet Views | The Pineapple , Dunmore Scotland

*OK, so we might not necessarily offer any of these, but here are some outlandish, yet cool hotels we’ve found around the globe!


At first glance, this self-catering hotel looks like any other of its kind. But take a step back, and you’ll notice a pretty obvious quirk.

Indeed, the large prickly fruit-shaped structure, is enough to make Spongebob Squarepants ditch his pineapple under the sea, for something a little more luxurious.

Behold, the Pineapple (yes, that's the name).


This random addition to a perfectly OK-looking pavilion was built around the 1700s as homage to a joke that owner, Lord Dunmore was particularly fond of: Sailors would bestow a pineapple in front of their gatepost to announce their return home. Reasons for the fruit of choice still remain a mystery.

Don’t let the appearance fool you. Despite its weird facade, the interior of this hotel is pretty standard. In fact, it dons a warm and country-like theme.


For those curious, the interior of the pineapple stands as the hotel common room. The suites here run $400-$500 a night. Though the price is a little prickly, let’s face it – it’s not every day you find yourself staying inside a fruit!

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Last modified on : Feb 20, 2014
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