Feb 24, 2014

Epic Getaway Series: Nassau, Bahamas

Despite being the largest city and epicenter of the Bahamas, Nassau is a destination that fully embraces the idea of island customs and culture: It is a city that thrives on R&R, and the laid-back attitude of life in paradise.


The landscape of Nassau.

Aside from its culture and history, dating back to the post-colonial era (travelers can still soak in the historical influences immortalized in some of its architecture), the landscapes of Nassau can be found in some familiar parts of modern day pop culture.


A well-known backdrop in Nassau.

While it does possess a colorful spirit, the island actually served as refuge to the real-life Pirates of the Caribbean. Not to worry however, there are none left around the city! Some areas of the island, like the luxurious Ocean Club Resort, served as the backdrop for the 2006 remake of Bond’s Casino Royale.


Powerboat Adventures.

The lively spirit of Nassau goes beyond cultural and historical significance. And it can be experienced first-hand by travelers. Indeed, its vibrant soul extends from land to the sea. From experiencing some of the best Caribbean cuisine, to catching a glimpse of exotic sea life, the beauty of the island is infinite and border-less.

For more information on Nassau, check out our vacation page here.

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Last modified on : Feb 24, 2014
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