Feb 27, 2014

After the Games: Abandoned Olympic Sites

This year’s Olympic Winter Games in Sochi had Canada waving its flag with pride. Despite their beyond-questionable, anti-gay sentiments and speculations that the city was far from ready to host, overall the Olympics games continued without much of a hitch.

Sure, we’re still beaming from being one of the top three countries with the highest gold medal count. We also swept the competition in hockey (which, I personally believe is Canada’s sport). But what happens after the torch is extinguished?

Some countries thrive on their facilities after the Olympics. However, for some, the lively spirit of the villages burned out shortly after the torch was extinguished.

What’s more disheartening is that some of these ruins were dated only a few years back. For this we pay homage. Let’s hope the spirit and memories did not crumble along with the facilities!


Summer Olympic Games - Athens Greece 2004


Summer Olympic Games - Beijing, China 2008


Summer Olympic Games - Torino, Italy 2006

Summer Olympic Games - Berlin, Germany 1936

Summer Olympic Games - Berlin, Germany 1936


Winter Olympic Games - Sarajevo (aka. Bosnia & Herzegovina) 1984

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Last modified on : Feb 27, 2014
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