Mar 6, 2014

Hang-over Cures from around the World

We’ve been talking about Spring Break for a while now. Maybe because we’re in dire need of a break/drink!

It’s completely understandable to get caught up in the festive atmosphere.  However, you often pay for it the next day. Not everyone is immune to the effects of alcohol, no matter how hard you might’ve partied during your prime.

While the standard cure of Gatorade and salt-saturated brunch might be a go-to hangover cure, other countries have their own remedies to shake off those post-party consequences.

The guys from the movie 'Hangover,' are hungover.

The guys from the movie 'Hangover,' are hungover.

Canada, Poutine
A morning filled with carbs, naturally goes well after a night filled with alcohol. Not being biased or anything, but we Canadians do our hangover cure the right way: Thick-cut French fries, cheese curds, savory gravy, and pepper corns? Sign me up! Whether this is a shameless plug for this sodium-packed glory bowl, or a legitimate hang-over cure, one thing is for sure: Poutine is delicious.

United States, Pellet Tea
Forget your standard grand-slam breakfast at Denny’s. The Wild West Days had drunken cowboys sipping on tea steeped with bunny poo. Pinkies up, everyone! I don’t know the validity of this, but I’d rather consume more alcohol, than sip on a cup of this!

Japan, Umi
Drank too much sake the night before? Eat an Umeboshi (Ume, for short). An Ume is a pickled plum. Sounds pretty harmless, but we should put more emphasis on the word ‘pickled.’ Ume’s are abhorrently sour. Unlike some silly hang over cure, this one might have a little bit of validity. The salt from the plum helps replenish electrolytes.

Haiti, Voodoo
This is probably one of the most vindictive ways to rid of the hexed hangover. Haitian voodoo practitioners would stick 13 black-headed pins into the cork of the bottle that caused such a cursed headache. Nowadays though, most beverages have a screw top or come from a keg. I’d like to see voodoo practitioners try this on a 6-pack!

Ireland, Reverse Ostrich
Being the birth place of Guinness and Jameson whiskey, it’d only be natural to have a hang-over cure. Local belief states that if you buried yourself neck-deep in wet river sand, you’ll be cured of your hangover. Ireland isn’t necessarily the warmest of places, so doing this would be the equivalent of taking a cold shower.

Puerto Rico, If life gives you lemons, put it on your armpits
Some people consume things before drinking to avoid hangovers. The folks in Puerto Rico rub citrus under the armpit of their drinking arm. Apparently, it keeps you hydrated. My question is what if you’re double-fisting?! I’m thinking that this was just a subtle way for someone to convince their smelly friend to ‘freshen up,’ before hitting the bar.

Check out what other countries are doing to shake off their hangover here! We hate to sound like nagging mothers, but make sure you drink responsibly and safely this Spring Break.

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Last modified on : Mar 6, 2014
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