Mar 11, 2014

A Place you can Snooze with really Sweet Views: Beach Sun Retreat, Dymchurch UK

Turning our clocks forward an hour this week meant a few more hours of daylight. This also means that summer is just around the corner! But for those who can’t wait until June for its official arrival, the Beach Sun Retreat located in Dymchurch, UK might just be the place to tide over those cravings of summer.

The Beach Sun Retreat Lodge

The Beach Sun Retreat Lodge

The Sun Beach Retreat offers guests a good dose of Vitamin D pretty much any and every day of the year. It’s the first of its kind to be fashioned with ‘health-giving sun simulators,’ offering guests a big ray of sunshine with just a flick of a switch.

One of the themed rooms at the Beach Sun Retreat.

One of the themed rooms at the Beach Sun Retreat.

Aside from their two luxuriously decorated suites, there is a St. Tropez Paradise-themed lounge that comes pretty close to the real deal. If the indoor cabana party doesn’t necessarily tickle your fancy, the retreat has direct access to the beach too!

While Mexico, Cuba, or the Caribbean might provide something a little closer to a beach getaway, this paradise away from paradise is great for those looking to catch some rays, while exploring Europe at the same time.

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Last modified on : Mar 11, 2014
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