Mar 18, 2014

Mexico continues to be an extremely popular Resort Destination: A 2013 Report


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Despite what some might say about its level of safety and security, Mexico is still an incredibly popular destination amongst travelers. Out of the top preferred & luxury resorts, as well as the most searched destinations, Mexican cities appear on the list numerous times.

Based on a 2013 study assessing the sales, opinions and, customer feedback of customers, tourist-friendly cities such as Los Cabos, Cancun, and the Riviera Maya are destination favorites amongst travelers.

These cities have become increasingly desirable over the years due to their vast options for family and adult friendly resorts, great values, and location. While Mexico is seemingly notorious for its “party scene,” only one resort known for this atmosphere, made it on the list. The trend is shifting for students and young travelers – more are opting for a more relaxing and quieter resort experience, rather than a raucous one.

Other destinations that made the list include the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

Aside from the destination, other elements such as food, service, accommodation, and ease of flight all factor into the overall vacation experience.

Such a clear and consistent trend definitely assists travelers who still have qualms about traveling to Mexico.

Check out a more detailed version of our study here! For more information about booking your next vacation in Mexico, call us at 1.888.685.6888.

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Last modified on : Mar 18, 2014
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