Mar 19, 2014

Spring Getaway Series: Honolulu & Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii is an extremely popular vacation spot all-year round. Though it’s not necessarily at the top of everyone’s list to visit during Spring Break, it shouldn’t be overshadowed. The island promises a perfect balance of family-friendly fun and raucous nightlife.

Because of its successful and strong tourism efforts, resort prices remain fairly reasonable compared to other destinations (who often increase their rates during the busy March season). Indeed, Hawaii is a great and thrifty Spring Break option.

The beaches of Honolulu.

The beaches of Honolulu.

Party, Party – Honolulu
Located in the northern part of the region, Honolulu is a popular destination for vacation seekers. With some of the longest stretch of beach, Honolulu offers a plethora of activities for Spring Breakers. For those looking to relax, the beaches and lagoons of Honolulu offer some prime sun-bathing spots. While most of the day might be spent on the beach, the evening promises the same amount of fun. Waikiki specifically offers infinite options for a good time. The entertainment district in this city is undying. From night clubs, pubs, and bars, the nightlife in Hawaii is a promising underdog, amongst other Spring Break party meccas.

Kauai Beach.

Kauai Beach.

For a little R&R – Kauai Beach
Honolulu is an undoubtedly lively city. For those wanting pure seclusion from the boisterous party scene, Kauai is a better option. This area is the greenest, most lush area out of all cities in Hawaii. Its lack of urban development is a perfect backdrop for travelers who wish to be closer to nature than the bar. The Kauaian landscape and terrain is always changing. From Mount Waialeale (known as the wettest place on Earth), to the Canyons of Waimea, travelers can enjoy and soak in the different views that the place offers. Alternatively, Kauai is also home to Poipu, one of the world’s best beaches. This large stretch of beach gives sand and surf enthusiasts (of all ages and abilities) the opportunity to venture the waters however they please. Swimmers and surfers can take advantage of the perfect coastal conditions on one side of the beach, while the other offers calmer waters, perfect for kids and families.

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