Mar 31, 2014

Summer spells Europe

Now's the time to book Europe!

Now's the time to book Europe!

Spring Break is over and it’s back to the daily grind. However, it won’t be long until your next getaway. Summer is just around the corner - prime-time to visit Europe.

Europe is different compared to a majority of beach destinations. The continent is crawling with limitless, rich and tourist-friendly attractions. However, unlike “resort zones” that are designated for its guests, Europe attracts a variety of travelers and locals to its cities.

There are definitely opportunities to sneak in some R&R. However, unlike all-inclusive resorts, the style of traveling in Europe is fast-paced.

With so many unique countries in close proximity to each other, travelers have the opportunity to experience different cultures and scenery is a seamless fashion. The only challenge here is deciding where to visit in such a determined amount of time!

Before making the jaunt, here are some broad things to consider:

Budget – Europe is bustling with activity, especially during the summer season. Because of this, there is quite a jump on rates for hotel, airfare, and transportation. Get a sense of how much you’re willing to spend on your entire trip before booking.

Destination – This is quite a fun and yet difficult step in trip planning (especially with Europe). With so many destinations close by, it’d be natural to want to check out all of these places in one trip. Be prepared to turn your head into a swivel, as there are so many things to see!

Time – As mentioned before, you’ll also want to give a good think about the duration of your stay. Because airfare tends to get pricy, many try to take full advantage of their time, and usually stay for several months. While doing this creates more leeway in your itinerary, it also significantly affects budget.

Transportation – Europe is incredibly accessible regardless of whatever mode of transportation. Whether it is regional flights, rail, or bus, the options are endless for travelers needing to get around (especially from country to country).

Accommodation – This factor is also very reliant on budget as well. Because summer is Europe’s ‘peak season,’ many hotels increase their rates. Hostels are a thriftier option. However, these facilities differ greatly in that it rarely has the luxuries and privacy that hotels offer.

Thinking about these factors might be a bit overwhelming at first. Rest assured, everything comes together at the end of it all, and it’s very much worth it!

For those who want to take the plunge in exploring Europe hassle-free, bus tour companies such as G Travels, Contiki, and Trafalgar are great options to start. They offer all of the necessary elements of a great trip (itinerary, transportation, accommodation, and some meals) for you.

Want to start your Euro-trip planning today? Give us a call at 1-888-685-6888. Our Travel Specialists would be more than happy to help you!

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Last modified on : Mar 31, 2014
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